Farmers Markets Provide Great Benefits

I found this article recently and thought I'd share it with anyone interested. Essentially, it is taking a look at Farmers Markets nationaly and the economic impact they have in their regions. This is something I am very interested in personally. So many people love the fact that they can get local produce or handmade products at the Market, but there is so much more to a Farmers Market. While it easy to look at our vendors as just vendors out there on the weekend, I think of them all as micro...

A word from the Vancouver Farmers Market

Well this is a new step for the Farmers Market. We've talked about starting a blog for some time, but it's just been one of those things we've never quite had time to follow through on. That is one of the biggest issues we deal with while running the Farmers Market...time. When you are in the middle of the season ideas abound wherever you look. Blogs, newsletters, videos, special events and projects...they all seem like great ideas but for some reason just the process of running a market week...

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